About Us

Our Beginning

Like many businesses, Papa Macros developed from the thought of a product or service that was not being provided to a standard that was desired. That desire being a healthy, affordable, organic and delicious convenient meal prep service delivered to your door. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to cater for people’s nutritional needs, whether their goal is to lose fat, feel better, improve lifestyle, gain muscle or to improve their athletic performance. This means to provide a range of different meal options at a range of macronutrient splits and calories.

We want to be a part of our customers lifestyle where we are at the core of providing them with their nutritional needs at a cost which will also financially benefit  them, thus adding value to their lives with health and financial benefits. We want our customers experience with us to be as smooth and practical as possible. This is done via a neat and easy to navigate website where new and existing customers can easily place their order, whether it is one of our recommended meal plans or they build their own.