How Can You Prepare Poultry that is Safe to Eat?

January 18, 2021

How Can You Prepare Poultry that is Safe to Eat?

For any average food lover, there are always a ton of recipes with chicken​ that are worth​ trying. You might have all the necessary ingredients, but it is no good if you do not know the temperature to cook chicken. If you undercook any bird, it will lead you to suffer from food​ poisoning.  

How do you cook poultry? 

It is easy to cook poultry in various ways since they are a versatile food product. You can braise, grill, fry, roast, saute, or bake them. Each technique should give you a different taste of the bird, each delicious in its way. Each method has a cooking temperature and time of its own. For instance, roast chicken cooking time​ is about 45 minutes per kilogram at about 180-200​ degrees Celsius. 

Is 145 degrees safe for chicken? 

You could cook your chicken at 145 degrees Celsius, even though it is preferable to use 165 degrees Celsius. If you use 145 degrees Celsius, make sure you cook your chicken for at least 9 minutes to ensure that there is no chance of any bacteria remaining.  

Other Tips to Keep in Mind 

Although the cooking temperature is a big concern when preparing and cooking poultry, there are other things you should keep in mind too: 

  • Make sure you wash your hands, utensils, knives, boards, and containers that you plan on using for your bird 
  • You must wash the bird thoroughly before food preparation 
  • You can refreeze and defrosted bird 
  • Make sure that you do not defrost your bird on a bench 
  • Make sure that your raw bird does not come in touch with other produce in the fridge  
  • If your poultry meat will not be consumed in the next couple of days, it is better to freeze it