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Meet Steph!

Hi, I’m Steph Butler and since my early teens I have had a great passion for health and fitness. I have completed four years of study, undertaking my Bachelors in Food Science and Nutrition, working towards my goal of sharing my knowledge with clients through encouragement, education and support.

My background in fitness competitions and collaborations with health professionals during this time have further extended my passion for creating meal plans that support your lifestyle and goals. 

My ambition is to provide my clients with adequate nutrition and support so they can proudly state they ‘Eat Well and Live Strong’. Because of my personal experience, I have gained enough understanding to acknowledge that a one-size-fits-all approach does not provide for nutritional needs that vary by age, gender, genetic background and other factors.


I respect that everyone has different beliefs, values, cultural influences and social factors that influence eating and activity habits, and I love helping my clients identify their personal health goals and realistic ways to achieve them. 

Your meal plan will be personalized JUST FOR YOU to compliment your personal needs, goals, preferences and lifestyle using a non-restrictive approach to eating. I’m an advocate for a non-restrictive approach to eating because I want my clients to learn to love food and most importantly themselves. Eating should support good health, however it should also be enjoyable. 

My social media platforms provide nutrition education to the general public to develop knowledge and skills. I’ll break down nutrition to the basics so you can make informed decisions and create healthy habits. Feel free to follow me on Instagram and Facebook @stephbutlernutrition
Looking forward to working with you.

Speak To Our Nutritionist

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