What Happens if You Stop Eating Red Meat

December 7, 2020

What Happens if You Stop Eating Red Meat

What is red meat? And do humans need red meat? In the world of food, red meat is normally red in color both before and after it has been cooked. For instance, lamb, venison, beef, mutton, pork, goat, and veal. Simply put, humans do not require red meat. However, whether you decide to eat it or stop eating it, is entirely up to you.

Benefits of Eating Red Meat

Consuming red meat does have a few plus points, as stated below:

  • Rich in Minerals Vitamins: Red meat is rich in zinc, iron, and vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 helps make your metabolism better. The zinc helps with boosting your immune system. And the iron helps produce oxygen for your red blood cells to function well.
  • Provide the Body with Protein: If taken in the right amounts, red meat will provide you with protein. This will not only help you grow but will also help you find the energy for your day to day activities.

Red Meat Disadvantages

While there are a number of pros of eating red meat, there are a bunch of cons too, as mentioned below:

  • Connection to Bowel Cancer: Recent studies that have been reported in the Harvard Health Publications draw a connection between the increased intake of red meat to a higher risk of contracting colorectal cancer.
  • Has a High Amount of Saturated Fats: This means that although your body does need a specific amount of fats, red meat could overdo it. This would lead to clogged arteries, diabetes, and related health issues.
  • Is High in Sodium: This could lead to high blood pressure and an increased chance of heart diseases and a stroke.

Can You Survive without Red Meat?

Yes, of course, you could survive without it! It is true that red meat has high levels of protein and certain nutrients. Furthermore, it promotes the production of red blood cells. However, one could get the same nutrients from a plant-based diet, or even from fish, eggs, poultry, and nuts.

The key is to look into the nutrients that each food group provides. After that, you can pick out the groups that benefit you the most, and that you find delicious.